About US

Life DME was established in 2007 to serve the community of Northwest Indiana in the arena of respiratory equipment, specifically oxygen therapy, sleep apnea equipment, and non-invasive ventilators.

Life DME guarantees a pleasant customer experience as we maintain strong ties with hospitals, physicians, and sleep labs. This is based on our high-quality patient care, up-to-date equipment, and constant, effective communication amongst patients, DME, and physician offices.

Our staff is well versed in the arena of respiratory care. We have a team of 3 full-time respiratory therapists who work closely with each patient to ensure that they realize the necessity of using this equipment to ease your symptoms and attain a better quality of life while on COPD, sleep apnea, or chronic respiratory failure treatment. On the back end, our Patient Coordinators have two main tasks. They work with physician offices and hospitals to provide smooth in-take and follow-up processes, and they also work with insurance companies to ensure that bills successfully go through the insurance company of the patient.

Life DME has invested in a client-centric approach through monitoring patient compliance, continuously engaging with patients even after providing our services, and developing an order intake system.
In 2019, Life DME became the first local DME distributor for the FreeStyle Libre Continuous Glucose Monitor in Northwest Indiana.


As a small local business, we prefer quality over quantity, which is why we focus on individual patient needs (value-based business) rather than creating a volume-based care environment.


Life DME is proud to be a part of the Northwest Indiana community and work in conjunction with patients and referral sources to provide the necessary healthcare equipment.
Life DME works on educating patients on the importance of using the equipment recommended based on the physician’s diagnosis. Our staff engages both referral sources and patients in the process to make sure the transition to oxygen, CPAP, and/or non-invasive ventilators is smooth.
Life DME is committed to continuously follow up with patients to ensure that they are using the equipment regularly and correctly based on their diagnosis of COPD, Sleep Apnea, and Chronic Respiratory Failure.
The commitment of Life DME to their clients and to communicate with physicians, hospitals, and sleep labs is shown through the utilization of software and modems that reflect client compliance and level of satisfaction. Examples of the operating systems used by Life DME include GoScripts, EncoreAnywhere, MedAdept Software (Powered by Incremedical), and PAMs (Patient Adherence Management Software).
Life DME is looking forward to always improving and staying on the lookout for the latest medical equipment and supplies in collaboration with the leading vendors such as Resmed, Respironics, and Fisher & Paykel.
Life DME’s team, which has been assembling over the years, is well versed within areas of patient intake, patient care, compliance management, billing claims, and resupply communication for CPAP/BIPAP supplies.

Joint Commission

Life DME is accredited by the Joint Commission, reflecting our commitment to high-quality standards and patient care.