Express Oxygen Discharge

Express Oxygen Discharge
Life DME is the only provider in Northwest Indiana which facilitates the oxygen therapy system set-up process for both the hospital and patient.

Hospital case managers and/or respiratory therapists recommend oxygen therapy for some patients upon discharge from the hospital to take the strain off their hearts, especially when they have diseased lungs. The majority of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) companies use a traditional model to set-up oxygen therapy systems for patients upon discharge from the hospital. This can be overwhelming for both parties as the hospital depends on various factors to complete the setup such as the delivery technician from the DME to be on the time for the discharge and the patient to plan for the ride home accordingly.

Traditional Model

Express Model

Therefore, Life DME has created the express model to eliminate the dependency on both parties by providing the patient with a portable concentrator at discharge which holds up to 3 Liters of continuous oxygen. The express model is very efficient, summing up all the equipment a patient needs upon discharge in one portable concentrator. This leaves no need for a continuous follow-up at home that night, allowing patients to rest, go get their meds, or make any personal stops after their hospital stay. Life DME commits to delivering the portable concentrator within 1.5 hours of receiving a complete order.

Home Oxygen System

Life DME will request a physician’s note qualifying the patient for a portable concentrator to reduce patient dependency and help them run errands more smoothly and effectively. The traditional tank system creates a challenge for patients as they are reliant on having enough supply to pursue any activity.